• Spring Clean Your Fitness and Health

     With spring around the corner, I thought I’d share some Spring-Cleaning tips, not for your home but for your health.  Forget cleaning out closets and scrubbing floors to welcome spring. Instead, start by cleaning up your lifestyle habits. Here are my 10 steps to get you started.
    1. Buy New Running Shoes – many of the injuries from running may have been prevented by investing in a good pair of running shoes. It’s ideal to get yourself fitted with proper running shoes. In Cape Town, try Biodynamics, they perform correct running assesments to see if you’re running in the correct shoe.

    2. Skipping – this is the perfect exercise if you don’t have limited time to train, not only does it burn calories, its a good agility and brain work out too.

    3. Get a training buddy -this keeps you motivated and accountable. It’s more fun to train with a friend

    3. Revamp your playlist – music adds the perfect distraction to your training and helps you set a pace for a strong workout.

    4. Add weight and strength training to your workout- this improves cardiovascular fitness and helps you develop better body mechanics

    5. Workout in wool – Most of us think of wool as the fabric for our winter sweaters but there is a new range of lightweight sportswear made from wool which is perfect to be worn all year round.  (See my Blog post on working out in wool). 

    6. Protect Your Skin – remember to wear sun protection, don’t let the warm weather do damage to your skin.

    7. Clean out your food cupboards and fridge -check the expiry dates of products and throw out old condiments.  Give your fridge a good clean.

    9. Clean out your make-up  and clean your make up brushes.

    10.  Start and end each day with a grateful heart. Gratitude has been proven to have a wide-reaching impact on all aspects of our lives

    Share any of your tips down below.
    Happy Spring Day