• Kiss Bad breath goodbye this Valentines Day

    In my latest VLOG, I share my embarrassing bad breath story. Anyone, including men, women, and children of every race and culture can develop bad breath especially from foods like onions, garlic, coffee and alcohol.


    I am sure you’ve tried many products to help combat bad breath and not always had the results you desired. My gran’s favorite tip was always to drink lots of water as she believed it eliminates the source of odor and that bad taste in your mouth that often leads to bad breath.
    This month I tested out a new product range on the market to combat Halitosis (chronic bad breath): Nova Breath by BGM Pharmaceuticals.

    You can fix bad breath in a few easy steps with these 4 products available from Nova Breath:

    1. Lozenges
    2. Toothpaste
    3. Mouthwash
    4. Mouth Spray

    NOVA BREATH Lozenges – SUGAR FREE (Suggested RSP – from: R88.80 excl. VAT)

    • Isomalt-based lozenges
    • Once in the mouth, the active ingredients are slowly released into the oral orifice where they act to reduce bad breath
    • Suck one lozenge every two to three hours, up to eight times per day
    • Suitable for adults, and children from six years and older
    • 32 Lozenges in a box


    NOVA BREATH Tooth paste (Suggested RSP – from: R68.20 excl. VAT)

    Has a dual application:

    • Continuous prevention of bad breath
    • Protection against tooth decay
    • Brush your teeth twice a day with the toothpaste- preferably after every meal


    NOVA BREATH Mouth wash (Suggested RSP – from: R114.28 excl. VAT)

    • The action of the mouthwash begins immediately
    • Suitable for adults, and children from six years and older.


    NOVA BREATH Mouth Spray (Suggested RSP – from: R51.00 excl. VAT)

    • A handy pocket-sized spray
    • The action of the mouth spray begins immediately
    • Press lightly to spray the solution into the oral cavity. Spray once or twice.
    • Do not use more than six times per day.
    • Suitable for adults, and children six years and older

    What I like about the products I test:

    • Nova Breath Lozenges are sugar free
    • No Prescription required , this is an over the counter [OTC] range available from leading pharmacies and health shops nationwide
    • It has a long lasting action – working in the mouth for up to 8 hours: I found it lasted for 6 hours after drinking two cups of coffee. This outlasts mints and gum.
    • The patented tested herbal formulation includes Echinacea, Lavender, Mastic gum and Salvia extracts.

    For more information on NOVA BREATH, link to BGM pharmaceuticals FACEBOOK PAGE


    You can also get a chance to try these products out for yourself…


    Entering is easy! Simply Message me on twitter & SHARE your bad date story using #BANISHBADBREATH

    This competition closes at MIDNIGHT on 28 FEB 2018 and is only open to South African residents. The winner will be chosen from twitter using a random selection generator. (T & C’s)

    Good luck everyone!


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