• Fitness in the air: Let’s hang out

    Exercising upside down is the latest celeb fitness craze so I decided to give it a try.

    At the end of last year, I tried out aerial yoga for the first time and found myself really taking to it. I had tried mat yoga before but because of my height and not being very supple I struggled to get into the various poses, and wasn’t enjoying it.

    I was a bit nervous to try my first aerial yoga class but the yoga teach (Darden Lotz) made me feel very comfortable, and spent time make sure I got into position correctly.

    I found I got more support from the hammock and this allowed me to do poses that I wasn’t able to do in normal class, and now I am able to do many of the mat poses that I wasn’t able to do before.

    I have now to my 10th aerial yoga class and really feel the difference.

    Benefits of Aerial Yoga:

    • Total Body workout
    • Great for back and core strength
    • It’s relaxing
    • It’ apparently drains the  lymphatic and circulatory systems
    • It’s fun

    Some Points to Remember in an Aerial Yoga Class

    • Remove rings and jewellery before class it it gets caught on the fabric
    • Tape up your zips to prevent them from being caught in fabric
    • Wear a t-shirt with sleeves, not a vest. You do sweat a lot and its unhygenic if you’re wearing a vest.
    • Wear comfortable clothing and avoid lose clothing that can get caught.
    • Do not use hand cream before class
    • Drink a lot of water after class, as its very detoxing hanging upside down
    • Classes are done barefoot