• An early morning work ritual


    A couple of years back I started working on an early morning shift starting at 5am. The work team was made up of 6 people from completely different backgrounds. The early morning bonding and work prep session I was told would start with a cup of coffee. The day before I started, my new boss called to ask what type of coffee I would like, Not being a coffee drinker, I felt it rude to tell him that I that I didn’t drink coffee. I had no idea where in Cape Town one would find a good cup of coffee at 5am and thought it would probably be an instant coffee. So I said Cappuccino. Little did I know that this would be the start of my love for coffee.

    It was over a cup of Seattle coffee that I started that first day of a new job. And for every day of the week it was our early morning treat from our boss. My Cappuccino has now changed to a plain black Seattle coffee, which is the perfect way for me to start my day. (The nearest Seattle Coffee Company is located at our local CALTEX – https://goo.gl/mUfQkK

    And this is how the early mornings for the past 3 years started for me enjoying a good coffee and my work colleagues who I know consider very good friends.

    Over these early morning coffees we would catch up on the previous day’s activities in our personal and work lives. It’s over this coffee where we have shed tears and enjoyed good jokes.

    There was one really awkward moment where I accidently knocked over my cuppa on the desk and it messed over some important paper work. At the time it wasn’t funny but now we look back and laugh at the funny side of the situation. I now own a mug that can’t be knocked over reminding me that there are bigger things to worry about than a spilt cup of coffee. There are so many big and small moments shared over a cup of coffee and reflecting back on my work journey there was hardly a day that went by without a Seattle coffee in our hands.

    You don’t realize what a big part this ritual plays in your life until you’re on leave and waking up to no coffee and banter with your work family. Having been on leave for the past two weeks, made me miss these early morning coffee catch up sessions.

    Click here to find your nearest SEATTLE COFFEE Co located at CALTEX – https://goo.gl/mUfQkK