• Dunking my Apple Watch Series 2 in water!

    I am currently testing out the new Apple Watch Series 2.  A watch aimed at an active and healthy lifestyle packed with apps and features that help you stay fit, motivated, and connected.

    The Apple Watch Series 2 is water resistance to 50 meters, however you do need to know how to manually clear water from it.

    I met up with Stefan (Apple Trainer for Southern Africa) , to teach me how to do this.

    See my latest VLOG below for step by step instructions.

    Guide to Water-lock your Apple Watch Series 2 

    When you start a water activity, the Apple Watch will lock the screen automatically. Once you’re done with your workout, turn the Digital Crown for a few seconds and then the watch will unlock .A water icon will show up on the display as you turn the dial and once it’s full the watch will unlock, followed by playing a strange-sounding series of beeps and noises. The vibration from those noises, in not so elegant terms, spits the water out of the speaker.I have taken my Watch out with me when I do SUP YOGA (yoga on a Stand Up Paddle board) and I haven’t had to worry about my watch getting wet. It does make for an ideal active partner.

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    Happy Training