• Benefits of beaching

    Whenever I have a bad day or feeling a bit low, I head to the ocean for what I like to call “Beach Therapy”.  Being surrounded by the beauty that surrounds me makes me feel at peace and releases the stresses of life.I love to merge myself in the icy cold Cape Town water, at first it took me forever just to dip my big toe into the ocean as I wasn’t used to the temperature. But each day I ventured a little further until now I can swim and splash around in the shallow waters. This is also called Thalassotherapy (originating from the Greek -“Thalassa” means sea, “therapeia” means healing). This type of therapy is based on the systematic use of seawater, sea products, and shore climate.

    Benefits of Swimming in the sea:

    • Swimming in seawater has been shown to increase blood circulation by restoring essential minerals
    • Sea water cleans your skin
    • Sea water strengthens the immune system and rids your body of toxins
    • Sea water reduces and eliminates anxietyBut if you’re not brave enough to hit the water, then just sitting on the beach has some positive effects as well. I have compiled my list of some of these benefits but each person is different and you may have a different list of benefits.

    Benefits of Beaching:

    • Boost your Vitamin D – Vitamin D is an important infection-fighter and key ingredient for a healthy functioning immune system. (Please limit your sun exposure to 10-20minutes without sun protection.)
    • Breathing in Sea air is uplifting – Sea air is charged with healthy negative ions that accelerate our bodies ability to absorb oxygen.
    • Good nights sleep – after spending some time on the beach, your stress level is lowered and breathing in the fresh sea air has a positive affect on our sleeping patterns.
    • Sand is a natural exfoliant- Wet sand acts as a natural exfoliant and peels off dead skin cells, leaving your feet feeling softer.

    I know we all don’t live near the beach but I recently found this fantastic article on how to recreate these beach benefits at home. So no matter where in the world you find yourself, you can get these beach benefits in the comfort of your home. 

    Happy Beaching,


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