Hi and welcome to Giraffe in the City, a personal blog by me, Liezel van der Westhuizen. Also known as Giraffe. But more about that later…

    While you may recognise my face from television appearances or MC gigs, I like to think of myself as the typical girl next door, living her best life in Cape Town.

    Giraffe in the City was born out of my love for taking short video clips of my adventures in the Mother City. I originally started doing this as a quick and colourful way to give my parents a peek into my world, but soon found it evolving into something bigger!

    These days, you can expect to find informative, 60-second clips, showcasing everything from restaurant- and beauty product reviews to fitness tips, travelogues and events right here on my blog.

    Short and snappy, my videos give you bite-sized insights into my life, without draining your data or giving you buffering headaches.

    Giving women a sporting chance

    Passionate about sports, travel and the outdoors, I’m all about good, healthy fun and would love to inspire other women out there to get out and get active with me.

    Sadly, I’ve found that many women are held back by their own fears when it comes to trying out a new activity. Some are afraid of being too slow, others of being too out of shape and a myriad reasons more.

    By sharing my love for a range of sports, I want to help women realise that it’s high time we stopped being scared and, rather started embracing our unique feminine capabilities. Whether trying a mountain biking trail for the first time or discovering the joys of a deep sea dive, the rush is always more rewarding!

    Apart from fitness motivation for beginners, responsible travel tips and great destinations to explore, I also like sharing my favourite recipes, which are always healthy, easy-to-prepare and delicious!

    My rescue pups

    I have a soft spot for animals and love sharing the shenanigans of my two rescue dogs, Leia and Luke.

    Leia is a sweet-natured Africanis mix, whom I adopted from the SPCA in Grassy Park, while Luke is a plucky little sausage dog I discovered through Cape Dachshund Rescue.

    These four-legged, furry creatures may be small, but they bring so much joy to my life. Through telling a bit more of their stories, I hope to inspire those in search of a pet to adopt instead of buy.

    Why giraffe?

    Well, yes, it has something to do with being tall… but there’s a fun story that goes with it.

    In 2010, designer Craig Jacobs called me ‘a giraffe’ in his Sunday Times society column when - on this specific occasion - I wore a pair of killer heels, which added a few extra centimetres to my already excessive length.

    Well, the name stuck and I couldn’t be happier about it!

    I am a big fan of giraffes, like them, I am inquisitive by nature and love to explore and experience new things.

    Thank you for visiting my blog – I look forward to sharing many more adventures with you.


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