• Summer Tropical Treat

    As we look forward to warmer & brighter days, I thought I would get creative in the kitchen and do a quick and easy recipe that is not only healthy but screams summer! It’s the perfect treat for those of you hosting friends and family and wants to really make a statement.

    This Pineapple dish is also full proof and can easily be achieved by all!

    Want to see how?! Keep reading…


    • 1 x Pineapple
    •  Fresh Berries
    • Any Flavour Yoghurt of your choice (The fruitier the better!)
    • Garnish with Coconut and fresh Mint Leaves.


    • 1. Make sure all fruit used is clean.
    • 2. Cut Pineapple right down the centre with a sharp knife.
    • 3. Pour Yoghurt over both Pineapple halves, only covering the inside of the Pineapple where you had cut it.
    • 4. Place berries on top of Yoghurt surface.
    • 5. Add a sprinkle of Coconut and a few Mint Leaves on the same Yoghurt surface.
    • 6. Place Pineapple halves in freezer for about 30min to an hour.
    • 7. Once semi-frozen, remove from freezer and decorate it with some fresh flowers.
    • 8. Enjoy!

    Let me know if you’ve tried this recipe yourself and how you enjoyed it in the comment section below!